Life Cover

Life Cover


Allowing your clients the ability to gift an amount to charity on death.
Minimum Entry Age – 10
Maximum Entry Age – 70
Expiry Age – Life
Minimum Sum Insured – 1,000
Maximum Sum Insured – 5,000,000
GST – Not Applicable

Partners Protection Plan

Covers under Partners Protection Plan​

  • Life Cover

  • Life Income Cover

  • Accidental Death Cover

  • Terminal Illness Cover

  • Total and Permanent Disability

  • Trauma Cover

  • Severe Trauma

  • Mortgage Repayment Cover

  • Income Cover

  • Loss of Earnings

  • Specific Condition Cover

  • Household Expenses Cover

  • Private Medical Cover

  • Hospital Cash Cover

  • Premium Cover

Premium Review Periods – Yearly Stepped for all benefits, Level to Age 65 or Age 80 Guaranteed
Premium Frequency Options – Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly.
Minimum Quote Value – $7.05 per month
Policy Fee - $9.95 per month
Lapse – If one premium is missed and remains outstanding for more than 30 days.
Reinstatement – No underwriting if reinstated within 31 days of lapse, otherwise underwriting required.


To provide a capital injection upon the death, terminal illness, or long term disability of a key employee or sole trader,
Minimum Entry Age – 18
Maximum Entry Age – 60
Expiry Age – Death and Terminal Illness age 75. Total and Long Term Disability - age 70
Minimum Sum Insured - $20,000
Maximum Sum Insured - $6,000,000 for all combined lump sum benefits
Lives Assured – Sole Traders and key Employees or Shareholders who are employed in the business and whose death or long term illness will trigger a requirement for a capitol injection into the business to fund the recruitment of a replacement.
GST – Apply to Premiums and Claims.