Claim scenarios with Life Interruption:

All claims listed are based on the $5 per week option.

Claimant with Terminal illness – a check up revealed aggressive cancer in his liver, he was advised he couldn’t work anymore and only had a number of months to live. He received $17,000 under the Life Interruption plan to assist him, over and above any other benefit he was receiving.

Claimant hospitalised for irregular heart beat, in hospital for 10 days and had a MRI scan. $2,500.

Claimant in hospital with badly infected foot, off work for a number of weeks. No income to meet bills and living costs – Life Interruption cover – In hospital for 8 days - $1440 paid

Claimant: Long time sufferer from cancer – currently on a course of intravenous chemotherapy – Life Interruption cover - $2,800

Claimant diagnosed broken leg. ACC declined to cover the broken leg and member off for some time. From condition and treatment records member could provide – Life Interruption cover $7,100.

Claimant: Stroke – Driver collapsed on bus and going through rehabilitation now – initial payment $3200. Ongoing with further tests, further payment of $2,800.

Claimant: MRI – request for this information and test - $700

Claimant: Colonoscopy and 1 nights stay in hospital - $880

Grant – Slammed the drivers door on his index finger , stripping it down to the tendon. The finger was immobilised and strapped to his next finger – Life Interruption cover - $360.

Josh – I was contacted by Josh’s wife recently. Josh was unwell and admitted to public hospital. Josh had already spent three nights in hospital and had a CAT scan to see what was wrong. Josh’s wife had a young boy and had just found out she was pregnant again. Her reason for ringing was to find out if any of Josh’s cover had a cash pay out. Because Josh had been in hospital for 3 nights plus he could claim $180 per night and having a CAT scan was an automatic $700