Life Interruption Claim Process

Making a claim for Life Interruption Group Cover

Please download the application form and read the following instructions, which will enable you to fill it out correctly.

  1. Currently there isn’t a box to tick for Life Interruption on the front of the form, please write "Life Interruption" beside Type of cover.

  2. Complete section 2 – Life assured’s details.

  3. Section 3 – the policy owner is either AWUNZ or the company you work for – please leave this section.

  4. Section 4 complete all of this.

  5. Section 5 – Circle "yes" to wanting TMF adviser involved with the progress of you claim. This allows for TMF to enquire on your behalf the progress of your claim. Also where need be challenge a decision from the insurers.

  6. Section 6 - complete all of your bank details for payment of a claim.

  7. Sections 7 to11 - complete as much as you possibly can. The more information you are able to offer the better the claims team will be able to understand and complete your claim.

  8. Section 11 - you are the Life Assured please print your full name and then sign and date.

  9. Pages 6 and 7 of the claim form, your Doctor needs to complete these and sign.


NB: Additional documents, hospital admittance/hospital discharge, ACC documents, certificates from your Doctor, diagnostic forms, letters from your specialist – include all relevant documents concerning your claim.


If you have any issues, please contact the team at TMF

You can see a sample of the correct way to fill in the form (individual or group) on the left of this page.


Once you have filled in your application, please scan and email to TMF for processing

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